Clever Strategies to Get the Most from Your Printer

Clever Strategies to Get the Most from Your Printer

Posted by TonerWiser on Jul 20th 2023

Smart Ways to Get the Most from Your Printer

In our post-pandemic economy, businesses are looking for smart strategies that help them save money while boosting efficiency. Since the hub of any office — remote or brick-and-mortar — is basic office technology such as computers, printers, and copiers it just makes sense to start here when looking for ways to streamline expenditures.

You have many options when choosing office technology. For example, you can invest in separate printers and copiers or combine functions in a multi-function printer to save floor space and choose printers that offer high output or photo-quality prints — or both. Either way, smart office managers and business owners will want to choose devices that offer money-saving features and functions that enable seamless workflows among departments and between remote work and in-office staff.

New technologies and integrated automation help to combine print and digital outputs for fully optimized business processes. Learning how to get the most from your printer starts with understanding these and other features and using them to both improve workplace efficiency and save money on supplies.

3 Strategies to Help You Get the Most from Your Printer

Today’s incredible selection of printers come with a mind-boggling array of features to serve almost any business need. While you should, of course, get the features that will help your employees do their jobs faster and better, there are several features that can optimize workflows and contribute to the health of your bottom line as well.

1. Smarter Cartridges

Did you know that just one gallon of printer ink can set you back $12K? With prices like this, it can be less expensive to purchase a new printer than replacement cartridges for the printer you already own. And when packaged in cartridges, printer ink is more costly than vintage aged wine. Smart business owners turn to high-quality remanufactured print cartridges to save money — and the planet. Remanufactured cartridges sold by a reputable reseller are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM standards and they help keep cartridges out of landfills and reduce the use of new resources. Plus, they can save anywhere from 10-30% over OEM brands.

2. Auto Supply Replenishment

TonerBot (Automated supply management) is a smart way to ensure your staff always has the supplies they need when they need them — without the high cost of storage. Using resident secure software, your ink and toner levels are tracked to ensure you get access to the right consumables for each machine before you run out. Supplies delivered automatically are often discounted and delivered for free as well.

3. Printer Monitoring Software

Many businesses have no idea how much they are actually spending on printing. Beyond the initial cost of equipment, print costs include consumables, maintenance, and service. If you have a legacy fleet or a fleet comprised of several brands of printers, untangling this information can be exceedingly difficult. With remote printer monitoring software, you can get an in-depth look at your comprehensive print environment, including supply fulfillment and maintenance and service for each device. A secure Data Collection Agent (DCA) collects this information to make it easy — and more cost-effective — for you to manage your fleet.

Teaming Up with Tonerwise is Another Smart Cost-Saving Strategy

Whether you’re a business owner or an office manager looking for ways to keep your departments more efficient, deploying one or more of the strategies outlined in this article can be a great way to get a firm grip on print-related expenditures.

At Tonerwise, we help our clients get the most from their printers by offering access to all three smart print strategies. Our remanufactured ink and toner cartridges are certified and TAA compliant, meaning you can rely on them for outstanding performance. Plus, they held reduce landfill waste and impact on our planet, helping your company to be more environmentally responsible — a plus in today’s competitive markets.

Finally, our team can set you up with automated supply management and print monitoring programs that will help you keep your finger on the pulse of print spending — and keep your machines up and running for optimal efficiency.

Want to maximize your print spend the easy way? Contact Tonerwise and explore how our programs and supplies can help you get the most from your printers today!