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Pro-Climate. Anti-Waste. Join the Toner Revolution!

Imagine contributing to a greener Earth, simply by making a smart choice in your ink and toner cartridges. Picture not just saving your pocket, but saving the planet. Welcome to TonerWise - where innovation, sustainability, and quality converge to redefine printing.

The Staggering Reality

Every year, more than 350 million laser and ink printer cartridges in the United States are either dumped into landfills or incinerated. This equates to an alarming 1 BILLION pounds of waste! Each discarded laser cartridge contributes around 3.5 pounds of metal and plastic waste that won’t decompose for up to 1,000 years.

The TonerWise Solution

TonerWise emerges as a champion of sustainable printing solutions. We remanufacture ink and toner OEM cartridges to OEM-level quality, which significantly reduces the carbon footprint of TonerWise brand printer consumables. Our manufacturing process reuses high quality plastic cartridges, which removes the CO2 emissions associated with manufacturing a new plastic cartridge.

Our dedication to sustainability doesn’t compromise quality or performance. In fact, by choosing TonerWise, you’re contributing to:

  • 79% less material consumed
  • 51% smaller total environmental impact
  • 48% smaller energy demand
  • 44% less natural resources used

Together, we can make your printing footprint much smaller and the Earth much greener!


Green circle certified


Clone Cartridges: The Hidden Trap 

It’s tempting to fall for the allure of cheap clone cartridges. But here’s the catch: these clones are often made of inferior quality plastic and are not designed for reuse. The initial savings can cost you up to 50% more in the long run due to poor performance and quality.

Furthermore, these “one-use plastic” items exacerbate the waste problem, while a remanufactured cartridge from TonerWise gets an average of three lives!


The TonerWise Promise 

Our commitment to excellence is unwavering. We back our remanufactured cartridges with a 2-year warranty and a 100% performance guarantee. We are here to give you a sustainable alternative without sacrificing quality or reliability.


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